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The SDGs are guided by the principle to "leave no one behind" (LNOB). The Leave-No-One-Behind Index tracks inequalities along four dimensions: poverty, services, gender, and income. A higher score means that fewer population groups are being left behind.

Poverty and material deprivation

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People at risk of income poverty after social transfers

Severely materially deprived people

Poverty headcount ratio at $6.85/day

People covered by health insurance for a core set of services

Population having neither a bath, nor a shower, nor indoor flushing toilet in their household

Population unable to keep home adequately warm

In work at-risk-of-poverty rate

Overcrowding rate among people living with below 60% of median equivalized income

Population living in a dwelling with a leaking roof, damp walls, floors or foundation or rot in window frames or floor

Housing cost overburden rate

Income inequality

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Leave-no-one-behind score